FIFTY soldiers will be coming to Banbury to create a new Army Reserves squadron.

As part of the Army 2020 programme, the Territorial Army is being transformed into the Army Reserves, with TA bases from across Lincolnshire, Warwickshire and Buckinghamshire being amalgamated into one unit in Banbury.

There are currently just 12 TA soldiers in the town’s Territorial Army base in Oxford Road.

The current Royal Signals Corps will transform into the 142 Vehicle Squadron of the Royal Logistic Corps during April.

The squadron is the Army’s only unit, regular or reserve, dedicated to vehicle supply and delivery.

Members have a variety of licenses allowing them to drive everything from motorbikes to Challenger 2 tanks.

The new commanding officer will be Major Jeremy Burnan, who is currently posted at Grantham, Lincolnshire.

He said: “The Army Reserves is a new rebranding for the TA. These people will not be moving to Banbury, but they will be coming to the army base every week for our meetings and training.

“This is one of the most complex transitions in the country, because we are transforming from a Royal Signals Corps to a Royal Logistic Corps.”

To welcome the new soldiers, there will be a service of dedication and then a public parade.

On Sunday, April 6, there will be a service at St Mary’s Church at 2pm, and then a parade from People’s Park to the town hall.