AN OXFORD University professor says that he has been dismissed from his post following harassment claims.

Jeffrey Ketland, a lecturer and fellow in philosophy at Pembroke College published an online statement on a philosophy blog.

An inquest held at Oxfordshire Coroner’s Court in February into the death of Charlotte Coursier, a first-year BPhil student at St Edmund Hall, heard that the 25-year-old had reported Dr Ketland to the police alleging harassment.

The inquest heard she and Dr Ketland had previously had a relationship while she was at university in Edinburgh and that police had issued him with a warning.

It concluded that Miss Coursier, who split up with her boyfriend before her death in June last year, had committed suicide.

In the statement, Dr Ketland said: “My supervisions were reassigned, my seminars were postponed and then reassigned to my college, with the lead author of the open letter boasting about this on Facebook.

“My wife complained to a college principal about the distress and intimidation she felt her family were being subjected to.”

He added: “As of mid April 2014, I am terminated from Oxford. The reasons stated amount to this: that I told a student to stay away from me and then responded to her refusal to do so; that I pointed out to a witness at Oxford her harassment of me while it was happening; and that I complained to Oxford of false allegations being made against me.”

Oxford University refused to comment.