WITH just days to go until two banners will be unfurled for a church’s 200th anniversary, these ladies will be hoping to be stitched in time.

Just before Easter, parishioners at Bicester Methodist Church started work creating two 3ft by 7ft standards to mark its bicentenary.

The artworks will be unveiled at the Sheep Street church on Sunday. The original ones will be displayed inside the church and copies will be made to hang outside.

The Rev Paul Howes came up with the design, which shows the 1814 building and the current church side-by-side.

Organiser Marjory Playford said they wanted to create a record of the anniversary.

She said: “The minister gave us the designs a couple of weeks before Easter. They have to be finished by May 18 — one is almost finished and the other is part way.”

Teams of four or five have been working on the banners at any one time to get them finished for the big day.