AMERICAN art students showed their creative flair when they designed original artwork for one of Oxford’s churches.

The group of nine from Chicago’s North Park University spent the week with members of St Luke’s Church, on Canning Crescent, before leaving yesterday.

Together with their university art lecturer Professor Tim Lowly, the visit was organised by artist Martin Beek after meeting on photo-sharing website Flickr seven years ago.

Mr Beek, of Lake Street, said: “It was a tremendously encouraging experience. I’m an artist that finds collaborating and working with groups very profound.”

The week-long visit was inspired by Professor Lowly’s 29-year-old daughter Temma, who is unable to speak due to brain damage and is often portrayed in his artwork.

Maple, cherry and ash wood were flown over especially for the project.

Mr Beek said: “I think the painting is a very wonderful piece of artwork. It is highly original and really communicates something about the presence of Temma.’’ Mr Beek said he planned to release a book documenting the week with Professor Lowly.

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