BANK holiday drivers donated more than £1,000 to a mental health charity in Wilcote, near Witney.

Every Bank Holiday Monday the owners of the Swinford Toll Bridge, part of the B4044, give control of the bridge to a charity so the toll fare of 5p per car goes to a good cause.

On Monday the bridge funds were given to Bridewell Organic Gardens, which help people with mental health problems improve their confidence and social skills.

General manager Alex Taylor said: “We did a collection on the bridge and people were very generous – most gave more than the 5p because it was for charity.

“We haven’t finished counting it yet, but I’d guess it’s about £1,100. That’s quite a lot of money for us.”

Charities have to apply to the bridge’s manager to be considered for the donations.

Mr Taylor said: “They’re very over-subscribed. We have been applying for three years. We got the letter assigning us this Bank Holiday earlier in the year, which was great.”

The charity has a walled garden, where it runs classes and tasks for people with mental health problems.

Mr Taylor said: “It helps with their self-confidence, giving them activities where they can achieve and progress. It helps with the isolation that comes with a lot of mental health issues.”

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