JAYDEN Parkinson’s former school counsellor has written a song in the teenager’s memory.

Jayden’s Smile will also raise money for the charity that Jayden’s mum Sam Shrewsbury is setting up for domestic abuse victims.

The Oxford Times:

  • Jayden Parkinson

Jayden, 17, was killed and found buried in a disturbed grave at Didcot’s Great Western Cemetery in December, weeks after she went missing.

Her former boyfriend Ben Blakeley, 22, from Reading, has admitted killing her but denies murder.

Former school counsellor Amy Widdowson, who got to know Jayden at Didcot Girls’ School, wrote the song with friends.

The Oxford Times:

  • Jayden's mum Sam Shrewsbury

Jayden’s mum, Sam – who is also known as Erica Simms – said: “I love the song, it is beautiful,

and I really appreciate everything Amy, Bram and Mark have done.”

Mum-of-two Miss Widdowson said Jayden’s memorial service, held at All Saint’s Church, Didcot, in January, inspired her to write the song.

During the service, Miss Widdowson said the rain was “battering down on the church”.

That, and Jayden’s love of dancing, led Miss Widdowson to end the song with the line, “Our angel dancing in the rain”.

And even when the trio started recording the song on a bright sunny day, the heavens opened once again.

Miss Widdowson said: “It was all very emotional during the whole time.”

She said Jayden, who was new to the area and still making friends with classmates, would come in to chat and draw at lunchtimes.

The 46-year-old, who now works at Didcot Community Hospital, added: “Jayden didn’t know many people because she had just moved here from Kent, so at lunchtimes she would come in and do art. She used to sit there sketching, she was very creative.

“There are loads of pics of her sitting with her knees up drawing.”

When Jayden’s body was found, Miss Widdowson said: “I was quite affected by it, it was a horrible time for the whole of Didcot.”

Didcot Girls’ School head of music, Bram Blyth, played piano on the recording. Miss Widdowson’s partner, Mark Allan Barnes, contributed lead guitar and produced the song.

All the profits from the song will go towards the Jayden’s Gift charity.

Ben Blakeley is due to stand trial at Oxford Crown Court next month.


Angry rain battered down
On the old church in the graveyard
White ribbons switched
As the mourners clutched hands
Dignified mother, her body crumpled
Her heart is in shatters
While the bishop talks of love and how God understands
Jayden’s smile, made a town unite
In sorrow and sadness and pain
Jayden’s smile, forever safe in our hearts
But we must never let this happen again
The flowers have been taken
There’s a lull from the papers
But the wind howls and the angry rain – it still falls
Candles lit – happy memories
Of colours, laughs and sea-breeze
But answers to our questions still calls
Jayden’s smile, made a town unite
In sorrow and sadness and pain
Jayden’s smile, forever safe in our hearts
But we must never let this happen again
Jayden’s smile, she’s now safe in our hearts,
Our angel dancing in the rain

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