TRAINSPOTTERS are getting all steamed up over a new arrival in Wallingford.

Cholsey and Wallingford Railway took delivery of this 1953 Northern Gas Board loco on Friday and it was in use over the weekend.

The engine was delivered to Wallingford Railway Station in Hithercroft Road from Darlington following some delays caused by bad weather.

Cholsey and Wallingford Railways’ Dave Goodenough said: “This train will run on the line for at least two years.”

The train, proper title NGB1, is a 1953 Peckett 0-4-0 saddle tank steam loco.

It started working at the John Street gas works, Darlington, and was later sold to St Anthony’s Tar Works in Newcastle, part of the National Coal Board.

From there it was rescued by members of the Darlington Railway Preservation Society and put back into working order in July 2012.

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