RESIDENTS have backed calls for a project for more parking to be available in Greater Leys.

Oxford City Council has pledged to extend the car park into grassland at the Leys Health Centre, Dunnock Way, for 20 vehicles.

Residents said they want work to start on the £80,000 project as soon as possible. The council said it will be completed by the end of the year.

Dunnock Way is the main entrance to the estate and is also home to Windale Primary School.

Most homes do not have drives and this has led to concerns about having to navigate between cars parked on both sides.

Dunnock Way Julie McGovern, 45, who has a drive, said: “It’s a nightmare every day, especially when the doctor’s and dentist’s surgeries open, and during school time.

“It’s the parking itself. Sometimes I can’t even get in and out of my drive.

“I have to care for my grandpa who’s 85, and there isn’t room for both of us to get in the car on the drive.

“If I can’t pull out and stop to help him in, he really struggles to get in the car.”

Iffley Road resident Shivonne Adams visits the health centre two or three times a month for check-ups for son Tarion, seven months.

She said: “I always try to get an appointment in the afternoon, because mornings are the worst for parking.

“Even then, I normally have to park on the side of the road with my wheels up on the kerb. It’s unusual for me to get a space.”

Patient Julie Thomas agreed: “It’s always a nightmare. Nine times out of 10 the cars will spill over into the Spar shop’s car park next door.”

Blackbird Leys Parish Council chairman Gordon Roper said the citycouncil was “dragging their heels”, adding: “Let’s just get it done.”

Northfield Brook councillor and board member for housing Scott Seamons said plans will “move forward” this month when he talks to council officers. He said: “We need to make sure that everything is in order with the landowner and planning officers before we submit an application.

“These are needed, they will be gratefully received, I’m sure.”

The spaces are part of the council’s £500,000 Great Estates scheme to provide more parking on estates, many of which were built before car ownership rose.

Grass has been converted into spaces in Ashurst Way, Rose Hill; Blackbird Leys Road, Blackbird Leys and Chillingworth Crescent, Wood Farm.

Some have been paved over and others have had metal grids that allow grass to come through.

Planned schemes include Masons Road in Wood Farm, Monks Close, Fox Crescent, Chatham Road, and Pegasus Road in Blackbird Leys, the Croft Road area of Marston, and Barton.

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