A WOMAN yesterday told a jury how she punched a 33-year-old man after believing she had witnessed him raping her friend.

She said she walked in on Yohannis Urrutia Castro having “fast and furious” sex with the naked woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, after a party, Oxford Crown Court heard.

Castro, of Church Street, Watlington, denies the alleged assault on August 3.

The friend of the alleged victim told the court: “I punched him in the face. I was very angry and wanted him to know he had messed with the wrong group of girls.”

Defending, Peter Du Feu asked the friend why she had not told others in the house or the police that she had witnessed a rape.

She replied: “At that point I wasn’t sure what I had seen. After speaking about it with many people, talking about it at great length with friends and researching on the Internet about what rape is, I came to that conclusion.

“I opened the door and saw Yohannis having sex with her when she was unable to consent to that action.”

Mr Du Feu told the woman she had “exaggerated” her account.

The jury had already heard how the victim of the alleged attack claimed she was very drunk and fast asleep at the time.

During his police interview Castro denied anything illegal had taken place.

The trial continues.