A MAN campaigning for fathers’ rights has been fined £50 for illegally parking his car outside Prime Minister David Cameron’s constituency office in Witney’s High Street.

Chris Tompson, 38, has had his car parked for more than three days, when the parking space only permits people to stay for 30 minutes at a time.

He has since covered up his tax disc and registration plates to prevent traffic wardens issuing any more fines, and has covered his wheels to stop the car from being clamped.

Mr Tompson, from Manchester, said: “This is a public road, by common law I can park here. They are trying to breach my human right to protest. It’s just bullying tactics.”

Along with fellow protester Bobby Smith, Mr Tompson has been on hunger strike since Friday, June 6, in a protest over secret courts and demanding more rights for fathers and grandparents to see their children.

Mr Tompson has not seen his children, eight-year-old Amber-Louise and George-Christopher, six, since last June.

He said: “Family courts can just rip families apart with no evidence or reason. I wasn’t allowed any evidence or testimonials in my favour – I wasn’t even allowed in the room when the judge decided I couldn’t see my children.”

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