CHILDREN at two Abingdon primary schools got a treat when one of their favourite authors paid them a visit.

Australian writer Dave Lowe, creator of My Hamster is a Genius, dropped in on Carswell and Thomas Reade Primary School pupils on Thursday.

After talking to the children about his crazy creations, he also signed books for them to take home.

He said: “I had such a great time visiting the schools – the staff and children were brilliant.”

Born in Dudley, Mr Lowe taught English in Istanbul for four years before moving “Down Under”.

During his visit to Abingdon, the author also paid a visit to Mostly Books bookshop in Stert Street.

Bookshop manager Mark Thornton said: “We love recommending Dave Lowe’s books, because they are funny and as smart as Stinky himself.

“They really encourage children to read, with the mix of great stories and funny illustrations. Stinky is one of the great creations of children’s writing, working out his hamster frustration on his wheel, and even keeping his own blog.”

The Stinky and Jinks series, as it has become known, now features five books. My Hamster is a Genius tells the story of Benjamin Jinks and his amazing hamster Jasper Stinkybottom – or Stinky for short.

Benjamin is a boy who hates maths and Stinky is a genius hamster.

Together they try to defeat the evil scheming of maths teacher Beardy McCreedy and uncover a dastardly plot by their sinister next-door-neighbours.

School administrator Diane Boyce said: “It was great to have him here, the kids had a lot of fun.”