A CAMPAIGN to reduce the speed limit on Oxford’s Botley Road to 20mph is receiving ‘overwhelming support’ from the community.

Patricia Murphy, who launched a petition after a nine-year-old was hit by a car driven by a 95-year-old man at a pedestrian crossing, says she is thrilled to have received more than 700 signatures.

The West Street resident, who is campaigning for the change from 30mph to 20mph alongside Deborah Agulnik, said the aim is to trigger a serious conversation about the change with the county council.

Mrs Murphy said: “We’ve had great support from the community and it’s been going really well.

“What we’re hoping to do is start a dialogue with the council and put the issue on the map.

“We want to transform the road from what it is into a safe road that can be travelled in confidence by everybody - cars, pedestrians and cyclists.”

The nine-year-old boy has since been discharged from hospital, and police say no arrests have been made but that the investigation continues.

Mrs Murphy has said there are many benefits to reducing the speed limit to 20mph.

She said that, in addition to reducing the risk to safety, the change would reduce levels of pollution and improve journey times for commuters.

City and county councillor for Jericho and Osney Susanna Pressel has backed the campaign, saying that she has heard countless stories of accidents and near misses on the road.