A PAIR of pigs who gobbled up all the vegetables in a Wantage allotment have had their bacon saved.

A team of four RSPCA inspectors and three members of Oxfordshire County Council's trading standards team rounded up the porkers after enticing them into a trailer with several loaves of bread.

Inspectors took the sow and boar - both Gloucester Old Spots - to their new home in north Wiltshire where they will be kept as pets.

The new owners - who are experienced pig-keepers - came forward after an RSPCA appeal.

Jo Barr, spokesman for the RSPCA, said: "The pigs were in generally good condition and will be giving up their vegetable diet in favour of good quality pig meal."

The pair had been making life a misery for allotment holders by pigging out on home-grown vegetables in Stockham Park allotment since October.

The sow was often seen squatting in a nearby barn.

Allotment holder Mick Sutton, 71, said: "We are really pleased everything is back to normal.

"They found one in the barn and one down by the Challow Country Club."

Bob Turner, 72, of Stockham Park, added: "It has been a good job done, we are very pleased.

"We are all ready to go again. We are going to plant peas, potatoes and broad beans, but I think I'll leave the parsnips for the time being in case they come back - but if they come all that way, it will be a long walk."

Liz Challinor, from Oxfordshire trading standards, said: "We arrived early one morning when the pigs were still asleep and placed hurdles around them, creating a small pen for each pig."