TWO men charged with stealing stone ornaments and lead from people’s homes have pleaded guilty to theft and handling stolen goods.

Wayne Curran, 34, of Colwell Road, Berinsfield, and Aaron Chewings, 29, of Lay Avenue, Berinsfield, both appeared in Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

Curran admitted stealing stone ornaments – staddle stones – from Abingdon Road and Cowley Road in Oxford, and Thame Road in Warborough, near Wallingford, between April and May last year.

Both men also confessed to two counts of handling stolen wall coping stones, between May 2 and May 22 last year.

Curran also pleaded guilty to taking a stone lion and a sundial from Watling Lane, Dorchester-on-Thames, and another staddle stone from Dorchester-on-Thames, in May last year.

The two both further admitted stealing lead from a property in Berinsfield on May 21 last year and a further staddle stone from Oxford between May and June last year.

Judge Mary Jane Mowat adjourned the case for pre-sentence reports.

Both men were bailed to be sentenced on February 28.