Sir – The open fields on the northern fringe of Grove form part of a designated military low fly zone where I’ve been told that ‘ten foot separation’ is permissible.

In fact often all I’ve been able to see of the helicopters from the house as the Pumas and Merlins whiz past a few hundred metres to the north is the sight of the rotor head just visible over the top of the adjacent garage roofs.

It’s not only modern types that use this area, but the occasional vintage warbird too, a few weeks ago we were treated to low level rolls and loops by a P40 Kittyhawk and Mr Lamplough used to be a regular performer here in his P51 Mustang.

Mr Lamplough has not only sold Grove Technology Park, but his Mustang too so now I guess I’ll just have to make do with the antics of the helicopters.

Malcolm Martin