THERE will be added tension at the Kassam Stadium tonight for a father and son, who have a foot in both camps.

Andrew Galloway is born and bred in Oxford, but decided to support Hartlepool United in the 1970s “to be different” to his schoolmates.

The 56-year-old will be in the away end this evening, while his son, Michael, is a big Oxford United fan and is in with the home fans.

Before this season the two clubs had not met for more than a decade and with neither able to attend the reverse fixture earlier this season, there has been a lot of anticipation ahead of tonight.

Andrew said: “This is the game we have been looking forward to ever since the fixtures came out last June.

“We always take the mickey out of each other anyway and there have been loads of texts between us every day this week.”

There is plenty at stake on the result, as Michael, who lives in Long Wittenham, explained.

The 30-year-old said: “Whoever loses has to buy the other a bottle of Champagne – I’m confident so I think my money’s safe.”