Moore and Rodin present stunning sculptures in a perfect setting

The Oxford Times: Rodin's Walking Man, on a Column (1900)

10:48am Thursday 17th April 2014

Theresa Thompson enthuses over the sheer range of works from two ‘giants’

Painter Sarah Spackman is cool and collected

The Oxford Times: Table talk: Figs in Fez

9:42am Thursday 3rd April 2014

Anne James on an exhibition by Oxford painter Sarah Spackman

A collection of truly stunning art works

The Oxford Times: Watercolour: Paul Cézanne’s Three Pears

9:40am Thursday 20th March 2014

Ashmolean’s special exhibition rivals any in London, writes Theresa Thompson

For Art's Sake - Ester Lafferty, festival director of Oxfordshire Artsweeks

The Oxford Times: Esther Lafferty

9:38am Thursday 20th March 2014

Ester Lafferty on the events ahead that will explore analogue photography

Relocation @ The Jam Factory, Oxford

The Oxford Times: Relocation @ The Jam Factory, Oxford

9:50am Thursday 13th March 2014

Anne James views some moving images of young Spaniards

O3 exhibition shows studio's great talent

The Oxford Times: Abstraction: Les McMinn's 'Still Life' - Variations on a theme of Orange

9:48am Thursday 13th March 2014

Anne James studies the latest works of Magdalen Road artists

Artists' new waves

The Oxford Times: Shape: Cirrus II

9:41am Thursday 13th February 2014

Anne James takes the plunge into Rebecca McLynn and Richard Fox’s work at the Sarah Wiseman Gallery

Injustices and lies, according to view

The Oxford Times: Explode: Universal Cabaret 2 by Emma 'Dex' Dexter

9:50am Thursday 6th February 2014

Anne James on the messages in a new show of lenticular prints

Quaint and quirky fictional folklore narrative

The Oxford Times: Relationships: Bringing Up Baby

11:04am Thursday 9th January 2014

Anne James visits an exhibition at the Jam Factory

Review: To Sir, With Love

The Oxford Times: Ansu Kabia as Ricky, with Matthew Kelly, who plays Florian

2:33pm Thursday 21st November 2013

Giles Woodforde enjoys an adaptation of E R Braithwaite’s autobiography

Our trusty steeds: Beauty, Grace and Power - the horse in drawings of the Renaissance and Baroque

The Oxford Times: Battle of the Amazons

10:38am Friday 15th November 2013

Theresa Thompson on art’s relationship with the horse

Andrew Hood: paintings for people who love Oxford

The Oxford Times: City Centre, Junction Cornmarket

10:33am Friday 15th November 2013

Anne James finds familiarity in Andrew Hood’s work

Australia @ Royal Academy, London: 'Big themes without beating round bush'

The Oxford Times: Shaun Gladwell’s Approach to Mundi Mundi

5:30pm Friday 25th October 2013

Theresa Thompson hits the road to explore Australia - in London

Autumn shows at the Brian Sinfield Gallery, Burford

The Oxford Times: Peter White’s Bowl I

4:00pm Thursday 17th October 2013

This autumn sees a characterist-ically exciting programme of exhibitions at the Brian Sinfield Gallery in Burford. “We were looking for a strong line-up of quality painters, making sure we had a good mix of work,” Brian Sinfield said. “It’s a very diverse mix, each artist very different to the others.”

Folded Beauty: Waddesdon Manor

The Oxford Times: Folded Beauty: Waddesdon Manor

4:00pm Thursday 10th October 2013

Some things have to be seen to be believed. Photos give some idea, and videos even more, such as the clips on Waddesdon Manor’s website, but nothing can match going there and seeing for yourself this extraordinary exhibition of elaborately folded linen napkins and table centrepieces by Catalan artist Joan Sallas. Location is all. The Rothschilds’ grand reception rooms provide the perfect setting for an exhibition celebrating the historical art of linen folding. A collaboration with the Holburne Museum in Bath where some larger pieces were displayed earlier this year, this is the first time Sallas has exhibited his work in the UK.

Preview of the Oxford Ceramics Fair

The Oxford Times: Phil Rogers at work

4:00pm Thursday 10th October 2013

Now in its 13th year, the Oxford Ceramics Fair was started by the Craft Potters’ Association, the professional body that represents studio potters. Studio pottery is pottery made by craftspeople working alone or in small groups to make unique items or short runs. It includes both functional wares and sculptural pieces. The Ashmolean is collaborating with the fair to hold an Overture Event on Saturday, October 20. This will be at the Ashmolean and introduced by Timothy Wilson, Keeper of Western Art, who has responsibility for the museum’s contemporary ceramic collection. Tanya Harrod will give a talk based on her award-winning book The Last Sane Man. The book is an elegant exploration of the life, work and philosophy of Michael Cardew, a main architect of modern studio pottery.

Magic and alchemy make 'Open' special

The Oxford Times: Seeds of Change by Wendy Newhofer

5:30pm Thursday 19th September 2013

The Oxford Art Society (OAS) was founded in 1891 and its past alumni include Edward Burne-Jones, Stanley Spencer and John Piper. This is its 122nd year and this year’s show continues the society’s long and august tradition.

Rees is rejoicing in the synergy

The Oxford Times: Umberto Clerici cellist in concert

5:36pm Thursday 19th September 2013

Victoria Rees is showing her powerful collection of drawings, paintings and large-scale studio pieces to coincide with the Britten in Oxford festival and tomorrow’s performance by the South Bank Sinfonia of The Young Britten.

Janine Kilroe: SOTA Gallery, Langdale Court, Witney

The Oxford Times: Rocking Sea Horse

12:00am Thursday 12th September 2013

Bicester-based Janine Kilroe cites as her source of inspiration the British Isles. Over 30 years she has been exploring Britain’s landscapes, our magnificent coastline and the impact that each changing season and the movement of wind and water have on both.

Porthleven Prize: O3 Gallery, Oxford

The Oxford Times: Porthleven Prize: O3 Gallery, Oxford

12:00am Thursday 12th September 2013

This summer the newly created Bath Spa Porthleven Prize awarded five students a residency at the Porthleven Art Studio, South Cornwall. The students worked collaboratively to produce a body of work in a range of media, which culminated in this touring exhibition. The work draws inspiration from the environment – both built and natural – local people and Celtic folklore.

Preview of Francis Bacon Henry Moore: Flesh and Bone at the Ashmolen Museum

The Oxford Times: Francis Bacon's Lying Figure in a Mirror

12:00am Thursday 5th September 2013

It may seem odd to pair these two,” said Richard Calvocoressi, Director of The Henry Moore Foundation, referring to the forthcoming autumn exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum that brings together works by Francis Bacon and Henry Moore. “Moore is all about structure, endurance, stability, and Bacon quite the contrary: dissolution, flux, the dissolving of flesh.”

A Grand Day Out: Art Jericho

The Oxford Times: Francis O’Neill’s Ruby Magic

12:00am Thursday 29th August 2013

Eight artists from East Oxford’s Magdalen Road Studios are taking their work out across the city to Art Jericho for a week.

Visiting With the Ancestors: The Blackfoot Shirts project, Pitt Rivers Museum

The Oxford Times: Visiting With the Ancestors: The Blackfoot Shirts project, Pitt Rivers Museum

12:00am Thursday 22nd August 2013

In the late 19th century, the Pitt Rivers acquired a group of Native American ceremonial shirts from a senior official of the Hudson Bay Company, who had collected them from the Blackfoot tribes when visiting the company’s fur trading stations in the 1840s.

Chapters: Modern Art Oxford

The Oxford Times: Chapters: Modern Art Oxford

12:00am Thursday 22nd August 2013

A man, perhaps a mystic, his face concealed behind a golden starburst, stands before us, gold necklaces about his chalk-whitened neck; people in white robes stand holding staves as though guarding something sacrosanct; the same duo reappears, now a trio with a man sitting cross-legged on the floor waving a palm frond slowly to and fro; behind them the pure white wall and alcove suggest some temple-like space.

Magical Books: Bodleian Library

The Oxford Times: Magical Books: Bodleian Library

12:00am Thursday 8th August 2013

Magic, legends, magical beings and magical beasts have over the centuries inspired a wonderfully rich vein of imaginative writing. This exhibition, drawn from the fabulous Ashmolean and Bodleian collections, has been skilfully and eruditely curated to create an enchanted and enchanting experience. The fact that it is low-lit (to preserve the manuscripts) adds to this. Each part of the exhibition explores and explains a particular aspect of magic and its interpretation through words and pictures.

Turner and Constable: Sketching from Nature. Compton Verney

The Oxford Times: The Sea near Brighton, by John Constable

9:50am Thursday 1st August 2013

Oxford resident Dr Steven Parissien is director of the glorious Compton Verney. Opening its latest exhibition Turner and Constable: Sketching from Nature, he said: “The landscape oil sketch first appeared in British art in the 1770s, flourished during the first two decades of the 19th century pioneered by JMW Turner and John Constable and then effectively disappeared…”

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

The Oxford Times: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

12:00am Thursday 25th July 2013

When I first visited the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect, except that it was a historical art event (now in its 245th year) that was part of the London summer calendar. Over time I became used to the format, knew to expect hundreds of artworks of all styles and media, including painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and architectural models, by artists I had heard of, and many more I had not.

Ibrahim El-Salahi:Tate Modern

The Oxford Times: Ibrahim El-Salahi,

12:00am Thursday 18th July 2013

Africa looks to be having its day. In the art world, that is, and not before time you might say. What with Angola winning the prize for the best national pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale, and Ghanaian sculptor El Anatsui’s gigantic shimmering installation hanging in all its glory outside the Royal Academy, perhaps it’s not by coincidence that the first work you see at Tate Modern in the concourse outside a major retrospective of Sudanese artist Ibrahim El-Salahi has the title The Inevitable.

Preview of Art in Action, Waterperry House

The Oxford Times: Animal artist Suzie Marsh’s sculpted elephants Kimba and Chinja

12:00am Thursday 11th July 2013

Next week, this wonderful festival of fine art and crafts returns to Waterperry. Now in its 36th year, the festival runs for four days, and last year attracted a 25,000-strong crowd. Visitors are given the opportunity to observe the creative process first-hand as 150 artists and craftspeople demonstrate their skills. A vast array of techniques and mediums are demonstrated, including: calligraphy, ceramics, glass, illustration, metalwork, jewellery, painting, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and woodwork. Sarah Morpeth will be demonstrating the intricate art of cut paperwork. Her starting point for each piece is a phrase or text that has inspired her which she then combines with images and motifs inspired by the wildlife and countryside that surround her Northumberland studio. For example in a work entitled A Violet, the phrase ‘A violet by a mossy stone half-hidden from the eye’ is cut our and beautifully integrated into the delicate tracery of leaves, butterflies, bees and flowers, pictured.

Faces of Witney

The Oxford Times: Faces of Witney

12:00am Thursday 4th July 2013

The State of the Art Gallery (SOTA) and Oxfordshire photographer David Willoughby have teamed up to provide Witney people, both adults and children, with a unique opportunity this Saturday to take part in creating a portrait of Witney and so become part of a unique collage of photographs of local people.

Nonsense: O3 Gallery

The Oxford Times: Cyberdog

12:00am Thursday 4th July 2013


Stradivarius: Ashmolean Museum

The Oxford Times: The 1683 Cipriani Potter

12:00am Thursday 27th June 2013

A Stradivarius knows no boundaries, said Tasmin Little OBE at the opening of the Ashmolean Museum’s exhibition celebrating the life and work of Antonio Stradivari (1644 to 1737) — or Stradivarius as he is more commonly known. The classical violinist had been asked what makes a Stradivarius violin so special. “A seamless flow, strength of tone, a subtlety and purity of sound. It’s just a joy,” she replied, demonstrating the violin’s qualities. Canadian violinist James Ehnes, who played at the Ashmolean’s gala concert in its opening week might say the same. Writing in the exhibition catalogue Mr Ehnes said like most violinists he was enthralled from his earliest years: “The name Stradivarius had an air of magic to me. A Stradivarius was more than just a musical instrument; it was a symbol of achievement, of success, of greatness,” he said.

Exposures: Art Jericho

The Oxford Times: Luna

10:53am Friday 14th June 2013

In this exhibition, photographer Julia Martinez, focuses on the female nude.

Sacred Stitches: Ecclesiastical Textiles in the Rothschild Collection & Cantus Arcticus: Waddesdon Manor

The Oxford Times: Sacred Stitches: Ecclesiastical Textiles in the Rothschild Collection & Cantus Arcticus: Waddesdon Manor

12:00am Thursday 13th June 2013

Inspiration comes in many ways. For Wiltshire-based artist Bruce Munro it came when driving home from Waddesdon Manor late last year idly listening to the radio. Switching to Radio 3 he heard “a wonderful piece of music” he had never heard before. “I day-dreamed all the way home,” he said. “As soon as I got in I phoned them saying, I know exactly what I am going to do.” The music was Cantus Arcticus by Finnish composer Einohujani Rautavaara (b.1928). Munro’s visit to the Renaissance- style chateau near Aylesbury was for the commission of a new light installation for the Coach House as part of the Manor’s 2013 contemporary art programme.

Master Drawings: Ashmolean Museum

The Oxford Times: Head Study of an Old Man by Rembrandt

12:00am Thursday 30th May 2013

It’s “the greatest Old Master drawing in the world” — and we have it here in Oxford. The curators of the sublime Master Drawings exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum where this peerless Raphael is one the stars agreed, “It’s as simple as that. They don’t come better.”

Conscious – Unconscious and the Oxford Community Data Stream Modern Art Oxford

The Oxford Times: Stephen Willats's eye-catching work

10:59am Thursday 23rd May 2013

Contemporary artist Stephen Willats’ connection with Modern Art Oxford (MAO) began in 1967 and this, his fourth MAO exhibition externalises the idea of networks of people. Stephen says his fundamental aims involve exploring relationships between people and his idea that connections are fundamental to civilisation.

Looking back on the highlights of Artweeks

The Oxford Times: Ann

12:00am Thursday 23rd May 2013

When reflecting on Oxfordshire Artweeks, which finishes this Sunday, each of us will have own highlights. Here I reflect on mine.

Artweeks' eclectic mix of art is worth travelling for

The Oxford Times: Autumn Fruits by Anuk Naumann

4:37pm Thursday 16th May 2013

The phenomenal three weeks that comprise Oxfordshire’s Artweeks finishes with a final triumphant flourish of creativity in North Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. Here as everywhere else in the county there is a huge range of work on show, all created by committed artists: some professional, some talented amateurs, and others, college or school students and community groups who are showing what they can do.

Oxfordshire Artweeks previewed

The Oxford Times: Girl Talk: Lizzie Waterfield

12:00am Thursday 2nd May 2013

As it enters its fourth decade this year Artweeks is even bigger and busier than ever. With more than 500 exhibitions and 1,000 artists and craftspeople taking part, this is both an event that one could not miss and indeed one should not miss. And it is an event that The Oxford Times is proud to sponsor.

Ceramicist Dylan Bowen on his new exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery

The Oxford Times: Dylan Bowen

12:00am Thursday 25th April 2013

It’s a huge accolade to be invited to exhibit at COLLECT in London’s Saatchi Gallery, but Dylan Bowen’s name has long been on the rise. The Oxford ceramicist, who is the first to admit that he floundered under the glare of his own father’s fame, has finally emerged from Clive Bowen’s shadow to make a name for himself with his large sculptural pieces, a lifetime away from the functional domesticware he grew up with.

New exhibitions at Christ Church Picture Gallery

The Oxford Times: New exhibitions at Christ Church Picrture Gallery

10:50am Thursday 18th April 2013

Prophecies, Histories, Legends and Law in drawings by Old Masters & Two Landscapes Revisited Until June 9 and Until May 27 respectively

Bellini, Botticelli, Titian... 500 Years of Italian art: Compton Verney

The Oxford Times: Francesco Guardi’s View of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

2:40pm Thursday 11th April 2013

Bellini, Botticelli, Titian… 500 years of Italian Art runs the title of Compton Verney’s first exhibition this year. “All you ever wanted to know about Italian art and were afraid to ask,” quips Steven Parissien, the Warwickshire gallery’s director — and he’s not far off the mark for this is a well thought-out exhibition of more than 40 paintings from the Glasgow Museums’ collection of Italian paintings that guides the visitor through the changes in Italian art from roughly 1400 to 1900, offering just enough detail to interest, entertain and inform.

Craft Guild exhibition: SOTA, Witney

The Oxford Times: Craft Guild exhibition: SOTA, Witney

11:40am Thursday 4th April 2013

SOTA – State of the Art – gallery opened some four months ago in the heart of Witney, just off Market Square behind Langdale Hall.

Aperture, by Jack Eden: Turrill Sculpture Garden, Summertown

12:00am Thursday 4th April 2013

Entering leafy Turrill Sculpture Garden, one is struck by the stark nature of this exhibition – a series of bright white blocks planted in the earth and each perforated with a gaping hole.

Hans Josephsohn and Simon Starling, Modern Art Oxford

The Oxford Times: Simon Starling's Transit of Venus

11:24am Thursday 21st March 2013

Hans Josephsohn and Simon Starling, Modern Art Oxford

Chasing Beauty, Patricia O'Brien, Art Jericho

The Oxford Times: Sea Wall

12:41pm Wednesday 6th March 2013


Xu Bing: Ashmolean Museum

The Oxford Times: Landscript 2013

12:37pm Wednesday 6th March 2013

Visit The Ashmolean and see the museum’s first major exhibition of contemporary art. Contemporary too is the smartphone technology available to enhance your experience of this outstanding exhibition. Some readers may be surprised that a Chinese artist, Xu Bing, has been chosen for this landmark event. Director Christopher Brown says that “The Ashmolean has possibly the best collection of post-war Chinese art outside of mainland China” acquired with the help of the Sullivan Fund.

Preview of the Ashmolean Museum's 2013 programme

The Oxford Times: Raphael’s Apostles

1:30pm Wednesday 20th February 2013

‘The year 2012 was a very busy and exciting one for the Ashmolean,” said the museum’s director, Professor Christopher Brown. The museum had almost 90,000visitors, half of them schoolchildren on school visits – and to put those figures into perspective, Oxford city itself has just under 165,000 inhabitants. Oxford’s university museum, the oldest public museum in the UK, has become a magnet for visitors, as much for its temporary exhibitions, latterly the hugely popular Edward Lear and Japanese Meiji textiles, as for the breadth and depth of its permanent collections. Add in headline-making acquisitions such as Manet’s portrait of Fanny Claus saved from export last year by a £7.83m appeal, including a “remarkable” public response — and it is clear the Ashmolean has made for itself a hard act to follow.

Agim Sulaj: The North Wall

The Oxford Times: Agim Sulaj: The North Wall

1:22pm Wednesday 20th February 2013

With the ability to penetrate imaginations, renowned Albanian artist Agim Sulaj employs a visual narrative that transcends language. He has spent more than 20 years acquiring endless prizes and awards across the length and breadth of the globe from the traditional yearly competition of satire and humor organised by Albanian magazine Hosteni — Satire and Humor, to a prize awarded at the first European Union International Biennale held at the European Cartoon Centre in Belgium.

Manet the master of portrait painting

The Oxford Times: Manet the master of portrait painting

2:37pm Wednesday 13th February 2013

If you missed seeing Éduoard Manet’s portrait of Fanny Claus at the Ashmolean Museum during the public appeal that saved it from export last year, you can see it now at the Royal Academy.


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